The Gin Gin Branch Little Athletics Centre Inc. was incorporated on the 8th September 1997. Our first Centre Manager, Tracy Gilmore, commenced the Gin Gin Branch after taking her children to Bargara where Phil & Silvia McNamara were Centre Managers. They, in turn, then helped Tracy to establish the Club in Gin Gin in 1997, together with Greg & Kerry Collier and other local families.  Later, David Tacon took on the Centre Manager's role and he together with Greg Collier initiated the move to the current track facilities. Our Club recognises the input, effort and ongoing sponsorship from Greg and Kerry Collier (Gin Gin Hardware) as they became more active in Committee roles within the Club and help move it forward. Greg moved from Assistant Centre Manager in 2002 to Centre Manager in 2003, upholding Club responsibility for more than a decade.


Gin Gin Little Athletics was first held on the oval at the Gin Gin State Primary School, but as Club membership grew it joined the Rugby League Club at the Gin Gin Sport & Recreation Grounds on Rangeview Road.  Soon after, we were joined by Gin Gin Touch Football in 2014 and the Gin Gin Football (Soccer) Club in recent years. The coming together of these Sporting Clubs in Gin Gin has resulted in the construction of new shared facilities and amenities that benefit all involved in these great Clubs in our community. User group meetings are held on a regular basis to plan and maintain our collective facilities, and consider fundraising opportunities that help promote our future. 2019 witnessed a major event for our User Group with some 1,000+ community members coming together to celebrate New Year's Eve on our grounds, raising significant funds to support our collective Clubs and help promote sporting events into the future. A special thanks to all involved in what we hope will be an ongoing fundraiser for our Clubs.

Past Centre Managers

1997 - 1998    Tracy Gilmore

1998 - 1999    Keith Duke

1999 - 2001    Tracy Gilmore

2001 - 2003    David Tacon

2003 - 2008    Greg Collier

2008 - 2009    Angela Schulke

2009 - 2012    Greg Collier

2012 - 2015    Jackie Walker

2015 - 2016    Carmel Galea

2016 - 2019    Lee Kitt

Life Members

Greg Collier

Greg has been involved with the Club since its inception in 1997, together with his wife Kerry who have been instrumental in its success. Their business formerly known as Kolan Hire & Hardware and now as Gin Gin Hardware are our longest running major sponsors. Greg has been involved in all areas of the Club, most notably as Centre Manager for a period of 10+ years. Having attained a Level 4 Coaching qualification, he was prominently involved in the development squads and has put many parents through their coaching and officials courses. Having since retired from the active running of the club, Greg is still committed to our older members by continuing to coach them to reach Regional and State Levels.  Greg has always put his athletes and the interest of the club first and we will remain ever grateful for his dedication and commitment to our Club. Greg became a life member in 2010.

Kerry Collier

Kerry has been a valued sponsor and support of our Club for many years.  In 2002, she took on a coaching role and joined the Committee as Registrar and Recorder.  Kerry then took on many Committee roles over the years, including Technical Officer, Publicity/Fundraiser, Secretary, Officials, and Treasurer. A number of these roles were often required in conjunction with others, requiring over and above of Kerry. Regardless, she stayed with the club even after all of her boys had finished, for this the Club is eternally grateful. Kerry became a life member of the club in 2012.

Jackie Walker

Jackie has been involved with the Club since the beginning.  She was an active member with all of her 4 girls attending as members over the years.  Jackie took on the position of one of the Coaches in 2002, and finally decided to stand for a Committee role in 2002/2003 as Publicity/Newsletter Officer.  In 2005, she became Registrar and continued in that role until she became Centre Manager in 2012/2013.  During her tenure, Jackie has coached Level 3 Throws and have helped our athletes succeed to a far higher degree. Jackie became a life member in 2010.

Carmel Galea

Carmel commenced with the Club in 2003 with all of her 4 children having attended over the years.  She was the Recording Officer in the 2004/2005 season.  After this time, Carmel was involved in the Club as Age Manager and in 2008 was nominated for Recording Officer again. Carmel upheld this position for a significant number of years and has been instrumental in supporting the Club, athletes and incoming parents on how this position benefits all members. In 2009, Carmel became a coach and remains active in that role if/where required by the Club, especially in School Athletics. Carmel became a life member in 2013.

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