Our Committee members do their best to deliver quality athletic services, but we need the help of all families to make our Club successful. It takes a lot of preparation to run our Club successfully so any/all support we can get from members and parents helps us greatly in making our competition days run far more smoothly.


We understand that just like our Athletes, our parents come from a diverse range of backgrounds and as such have different talents and experience. There is a place for everyone at our Club and there are a number of ways that you can become involved. You may have skills that the centre doesn’t even know they need. So if you think you can help with something, please let the Committee know.

If you want to get involved with either Coaching or becoming an Official let us know,  as this requires Blue Card approval.   


Little Athletics is run purely on the heart of volunteers. Centres cannot operate without the assistance of our parents/guardians each week in fulfilling the many and varied duties required. This includes officiating at events, managing an age group, and/or recording results.

Little Athletics is one of the few sports where parents can become fully involved in their child’s sporting interests.

Please remember to put your hand up when asked to take on an Age Group to manage or oversee a sporting event as this helps us and you to help our athletes succeed in their chosen fields.

Our Club is committed to assisting our members who wish to take up the opportunity to receive coaching for their favoured events.  Please discuss this with a Committee member who can point you in the right direction for coaching assistance if/where available.